Design an Unconventional Wedding with Airwheel orbit electric unicycle F3

In my opinion, the big moment in my life always needs a special event to commemorate. A sound idea occurs to me that I’m going to ride on Airwheel electric scooters with my future husband on the wedding ceremony.

Upon seeing the delicate scooter displayed in that exclusive shop, I get a great idea about my wedding. That Airwheel F3 one wheel electric scooter is so small and exquisite. Around the rim there is a lap of red stripe on the tire. It makes tire well-marked, and it’s also a sign of festiveness. By the side of rim, two pedals are installed like the wings of angel, which are about to carry my dream to set sail. And the top part above pedals is a hollow there. It’s truly innovative. The annular body is coated a transparent shell made of PC & ABS composite materials with such features as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance. Hence, I may rest assured when I ride it among a huge number of people.

On the other hand, it’s rather portable, because of the annular body and the concealed handle. Therefore, it’s easy to carry. When I don’t want to ride the orbit electric unicycle, I can just pull out the concealed handle from its top part. I have to compliment it’s so convenient. 

During the pre-wedding preparations, I will take two orbit electric scooters for us two. And then I can practice to ride it with him. I’ve looked up some information about the scooter. Airwheel F3 is a self-balancing unicycle using aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to assist a rider with balancing on a single wheeled vehicle. It can be considered as a non-linear control system similar to that of a two-dimensional inverted pendulum with a unicycle cart at its base. Rotation of the drive wheel itself can provide control in only one dimension. Based on those theories, I’m confident we can learn it fast within one week.

To ride on the scooters with him taking an oath and kissing each other is watched by my friends and relatives on the wedding ceremony. I think this scene will give them a surprise. I’m expecting the early coming of that vital moment.

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