Airwheel Intelligent Twin-wheeled Scooter Q1 Makes Your Business Flourish

Competition in catering industry is so fierce nowadays. How to be the magnate among this line is rather nerve-wracking for catering operators. You might as well try the Airwheel scooter right now. It will bring you unexpected surprise.

Nowadays, a growing number of restaurants are springing up all over the cities for people regard food as the prime want. This phenomenon only causes the competition to be intensified for catering operators. How to make restaurants more special or distinctive is the foremost matter considered. Why not try the self-balancing electric scooter from Airwheel to make your restaurant pop out among multitudinous restaurants?

About scooters created by Airwheel, there are diverse types, consisting of 2-wheeled electric scooter, self-balancing scooters, and twin-wheel scoter. As the intention of catering industry is to draw more food-lovers or foodies, the twin-wheel scooter is suggested. It’s true that this type is a little harder to be learnt than the two-wheel, just so it’s better to attract more guests. But then again, twin-wheel scooter is much easier than single wheel in terms of operation. So it will not take a long time to learn it for your waiters. Let’s take Airwheel Q1 for example. 

Q1 is also called intelligent electric scooter. Only judging from its name Q1, we can guess it’s quite cute and small. Thus, its exterior will draw guests’ attentions, and it will not occupy too much space in your shop. On the other hand, this twin-wheeled scooter brings no harm to the ambience of your shop. Because it is powered by original Japan-made lithium battery, a green energy, it doesn’t discharge any pollution gas. Meanwhile it keeps silent when it is ridden, which guarantee guests a good dinner environment.

Your waiters must have a training until they can hold dishes skillfully. When it’s in rush hours of dining, guests can enjoy the acrobatics. At one blow they will not deem the time of keeping them waiting is too long. In contrast they feel satisfied or excited to watch waiters riding electric scooters skillfully to serve customers. It must be a piece of sensational news. The next day plenty of people will come to your restaurant to enjoy your food as well as acrobatics on the scooters. 

Applying scooters into catering is really a good marketing proposal.

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