Common Garbage Disposal Complications

One of the many reasons a garbage disposal gives out could be something blocking the blades from turning and grinding.
Waste disposal is an extension that is convenient and beneficial for all home-owners.

A garbage disposal can assist with the decrease of unhealthy bacteria growth and make for a better and cleaner kitchen area by keeping food waste out of the garbage bin. It is as easy as pie. With a small amount of water and the flick of a switch a healthier environment is created.

Be prepared for problems

With proper maintenance and care, a garbage disposal can remain effective and endure many years of use. If handled properly and using the recommended cleaning and maintenance techniques, the garbage disposal should remain in great working condition with little issues. When first using the garbage disposal, operate with cool water as soon as it is turned on. Water reduces the ingredients put in from getting stuck along the walls of the pipes and pushing it straight down and thru the drain.

Plumbing corporations encourage chilled water in place of hot water due to the fact that hot water can dissolve any healthy oils the pipes may contain. As water and warm fluids journey through the water lines, they are supposed to cool off as they travel. Warm water may cause an oil build-up making it very challenging to achieve a good flow through the water line. Cool water, on the other hand, retains the oils density, making it easier for the disposal system to break it down and deliver it in small bits. Most people are conscious of this tip, nevertheless, it is important to be reminded of the suggested techniques.

The Dos and Don’ts

Items such as glass, plastic or metal should never go down the garbage disposal. Additionally, fruits and veggies with hard pits, shrimp covers, cornhusks and other food items will have a difficult time traveling through the system and can lead to complications. This can cause hard built up leading to a clogged drain. To maintain sharp blades, pouring ice cubes through the disposal can help the blades remain sharp and intact.

One of the many reasons a garbage disposal gives out could be something blocking the blades from turning and grinding. Items can accidentally fall in and get stuck causing buildup and resulting in a clogged drain. At this point, shut down all power sources to the garbage disposal and attempt to find the source of the issue. Arms should never be put into the razor sharp blades of a disposal, even when shut down. A flashlight can be helpful. If the issue isn’t in plain sight, seeking a trusted San Diego plumber to take the mechanism apart will have the problem solved in no time.

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