Common Mistakes San Diego Residents Make with Plumbing

Out of the various plumbing problems that arise, there are a few that occur most frequently.
The plumbers listed in the Yellow Pages get calls all the time concerning different sorts of plumbing problems.

Most experienced plumbers have seen it all when it comes to plumbing complications. Out of the various plumbing problems that arise, there are a few that occur most frequently.

Below is a list of a few of the most common mistakes San Diego resident’s makes:

Using the wrong tool when trying to unclog a pipe

There are various tricks and techniques one can use to unclog a drain. It is important to know what tool should be used for the project ahead. An example is, trying to unclog a toilet with a tool called “a snake.” Using this tool for a toilet can cause severe damage to the toilet. When attempting to fix a toilet, start with the most simple and obvious tool; a plunger. If this is unsuccessful, an auger may be needed.

Overloading the garbage disposal

Garbage disposals can be sensitive. They were built to handle one item at a time. If the garbage disposal is overfed, it can easily get clogged or overworked.

Putting food where it doesn’t belong

One of the most common mistakes an individual makes with garbage disposals is being careless with what they use them for. Garbage disposals are meant to handle small scraps, not full meals. Foods like vegetable peels, celery and rice can become problematic. These types of food can lead to a jam.

Flushing anything down the toilet that isn’t toilet paper

Something that happens surprisingly often is people using their toilet as a trashcan. Homeowners will flush products like facial scrub, cotton swabs and paper towels which result in an inconvenient clog. Toilets are designed to flush human waste.

Leaving hair in the drain trap

Showers have drain traps to aid in the longevity of the pipe. Drain traps catch hair and soap chunks that would otherwise build up in the pipe and cause a clog. Neglecting regular maintenance by cleaning the drain trap is a common mistake.

Adding weight to fixtures

It is important to be cautious of how much weight you are putting on a shower head by hanging shower caddies or other objects. Putting excess weight can severely damage the plumbing. It is best to avoid this altogether.

Grease, pipes and drains

This is a common mistake made by San Diego residents. This is the cause for roughly 32% of kitchen drain clogs. Grease solidifies in the pipes and traps of a home and can lead to serious clogs. When disposing of grease, it is wise to pour the grease into a jar and toss it out with the garbage.

These simple, yet common, plumbing mistakes can be fixed with the help of a trusted local San Diego plumbing service. A properly working plumbing system is just one call away!

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