The 238% Faster Growth of Women in the Tech Industry than Men – Study by Coupofy

When the average person thinks about technology they imagine Apple icon Steve Jobs, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and a bunch of men sitting behind computers in Silicon Valley. However that stereotype is quickly changing. The number of female tech positions at the top 8 tech firms is growing 238% faster than men’s, and more women than ever are founding and leading successful companies. A new infographic from reveals what the current landscape looks like, with some surprising and not so surprising results.

The best way to predict what an industry will be doing in the future is to observe what its startups are doing now. 20% of all the tech startups across the globe just so happen to be founded by women.

Though this may seem like a small number, it’s a huge leap forward from only a few years ago. Corporate mainstays like Ford, Walmart and AT&T, all now have female CIOs. While tech giants who have appointed female CEOs include the likes of Google, Yahoo, IBM, and HP. In terms of geography, it is Chicago and Boston setting the example for the rest of the world, with 30% and 29% of tech companies in these cities founded by female innovators.

Tech is also making women rich. Judy Faulkner of Epic, Meg Whitman of HP, Denise Coates of bet365, and Zhou Qunfei of Lens, are each self-made tech billionaires on the Forbes rich list. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer was also the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

This of course doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Only 5 out of 100 top venture capital investors ranked by Forbes are women. Women also only represent 7% of the top 100 richest tech billionaires. Furthermore research suggests the top reasons women do not stay in the tech industry is because of low salaries and a lack of advancement opportunities – potentially due to their gender. The question of how we get more women in to tech, or indeed whether the issue is inequality to begin with, sparks a lot of different opinions. But either way the numbers are increasing.

To learn more about the female tech landscape and women business leaders as a whole, check out The 238% Faster Growth of Women in the Tech Industry than Men – infographic by Coupofy!

The 238% Faster Growth of Women in the Tech Industry than Men - Study by Coupofy

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