East West Connector Publishes New Guides on Business Tax Advice, Small Business Growth Tips and More

East West Connector is cultivating a community of small business owners by publishing invaluable advice, and has created new editorials on tax and growth for new businesses.

Starting a business is an act of passion, and individuals who do so rarely have the decades of business experience behind them required to successfully navigate the trials and pitfalls and create an unbridled success first time round. As such, good advice can often mean the difference between a burgeoning business with a great product and a product that goes unsung amid constant business woes. East West Connector is a business advice site specializing in helping new and small business owners, and has published a range of new materials designed to give owners the benefit of their business acumen.

The guides and editorials, written by and in consultation with experienced, successful small to medium sized business owners are designed to help people understand what’s required of them legally, professionally and in order to create the best results possible.

The new editorials include new business tax advice, which includes information on prerequisites, how to deduct assets purchased, and where to get the necessary IRS knowhow. There is also an article on tips businesses need to know, a collection curated by experienced business owners who wish they had been told these important pearls of wisdom when they started out.

A spokesperson for East West Connector explained, “East West Connector is committed to helping people make real, proactive changes to the way they set out their businesses, in order to prime them for the greatest success possible. A lot of people think about their product or service to exclusion of everything else, only to get bitten when responsibility comes crashing in. Now, individuals can use East West Connector to brief themselves on what they should be thinking about, taking some care over the infrastructure of their business so it can be in a position to thrive when the product or service succeeds.”

About East West Connector

East West Connector is an online resource center committed to proliferating high quality advice and guidance to new and small business owners for improving their business efficiency and ensuring successful growth through responsible management. The site is regularly updated by a committed team of writers and researchers who successfully manage their own small businesses. 

For more information please visit: http://www.eastwestconnector.org/

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