Use of tipped CBN and PCD inserts in CNC machines

“Tipped PCD and CBN inserts for turning and milling hard metals in CNC machines, PCD inserts for surface milling and work piece turning non-ferrous aluminum alloy, titanium, copper. while CBN inserts for hard turning cast iron and hardened steel.”
Tipped polycrystalline diamond and CBN inserts are widely used in CNC machines for hard metal cuttings, like turning, milling, boring. tipped inserts with holes and clamp on the holder, for machining metal surface from rough to fine finish, continous to heavy interrupted cutting.

CNC milling and cutting machines use a variety of tips to complete pre-programmed tasks. The two most commonly used types of tips are polycrystalline diamond inserts, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride inserts, which are short for tipped PCD inserts and tipped CBN inserts. Also solid CBN inserts are very common.

solid CBN inserts are one of the cheapest ways to fill a client need, it may not be the most effective means available anymore. The introduction of polycrystalline CBN inserts appeared as though it would provide machinists and CNC companies a more efficient, cost effective way to mass produce CNC milling and cutting machine inserts. This mass production of both inserts has led to more options for both large scale and small scale industrial companies to fit their production and budgetary needs. 

But, as technology never stops advancing, neither does the world of CNC inserts. It is common knowledge that diamonds are one of the toughest minerals known to man. It would only make sense to use such a material in a commercial sense, such as CNC milling and cutting machines. PCD inserts can fill this niche in the CNC community nicely, allowing for the industrial application of diamonds. 

Between solid CBN inserts and polycrystalline CBN inserts, it is easily argued that the need for a dependable, cost effective CNC insert is adequately met. That may have been the case before the newest insert was introduced to the market as one of the longest lasting CNC machine inserts available. While the first two inserts mentioned have filled the need of industrial giants for years now, there was always something lacking. 

While PCD inserts are indeed more costly, due to them being created with diamonds, it is easy to see how this will inevitably save the owners of the CNC milling and cutting machines not only time in having to order new inserts, but also money in the cost of ordering more inserts, shipping, and installing the new inserts into their machines. 

With the introduction of new inserts, older inserts seem to have become less and less commonly used, as they are no longer the most advanced, nor the most cost effective solution to the industrial community for use in CNC machines. As the use of new inserts rise, the cost of PCD inserts will fall, making these desirable tips more affordable for smaller CNC operations. The availability of such a product will only increase the value of a product that a company is making, no matter how large or small the company is. 

As the two newest inserts are used in CNC operations more and more frequently, the industry will look to the future to see what may emerge as the next great CNC insert.

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