Indian Catering Company Pay £75,000 for Domain Name

With Britain just being able to loosen their belts after the recession many business people are still keeping a close eye on spending, counting every penny that leaves their account. However, for new catering firm Maharaja London Ltd, this does not seem to be the case, allegedly forking out a 5-figure sum for their company domain name –


While we understand that purchases such as and immediately relay the service such a website provides it is difficult to understand why Maharaja would be such a sought after domain name.

According to Moz, the digital marketing authority:

‘There are a number of considerations when selecting a domain name. Among them are making the name short, easy to remember, and easy to type. It is also important that the name be easy to type into a browser. This is especially true for websites that rely on word-of-mouth advertising, which forces people to type domain names they might not be familiar with into their web browser.’

Showcasing no unnecessary hyphens or characters is therefore a reputable domain, with many other businesses using the name Maharaja being left in the shadows.

‘We are incredibly excited to have bagged’ said PR Manager Abigail Moses.

‘With having an online presence being so important for our growth plans this will really help turn Maharaja into a widely – celebrated brand’.

Abigail has also revealed that Maharaja London has obtained the single word twitter handle @Maharaja (, an acquisition that many Asian businesses will no doubt envy.

Maharaja Definition

Maharaja loosely translates to “great ruler”, “great king” or “high king”, being a very prestigious word that screams out themes of luxury, quality and respect. When looking through the Maharaja branding style these qualities are immediately translated, with the Maharaja feel being all about said themes. For this reason the business name, Maharaja, is pretty perfect, being a word in which the business’ customers will truly identify with.

A formed brand

Having carried out some research into Maharaja it quickly became apparent that branding is very important to them, with uniformity being a theme riddled throughout their website. With short domain names having a huge bearing on brand image as well as SEO it seems this purchase is just an example of the lengths this company will go to reach the top of both the market and the search engine.

Media Contact
Company Name: Maharaja London Ltd
Phone: 0800 888 6979
City: London
Country: United Kingdom