Terras Garden offer freshest salads through the innovative ‘Terrapure’ technology

The modern lifestyle has given birth to the trend of using more and more packaged food as they are ready to eat or consume less time to prepare. Even the salads are not untouched by this emerging market trend but often the packaged salads are compromised on quality. Most of the times these packaged salads are not cleaned properly and thus it might contain microbes like E.coli, Staphylococcus, pesticides, fungicides, insects and other foreign elements which are harmful for the body.

But there are a few companies that follow and maintain high quality standards for cleaning and packaging of the salads such as Terras Garden, which follows unique five-step cleaning and packaging process known as ‘Terrapure’ to ensure that the final product stays fresh for longer duration as well as ready-to-eat.

The Terrapure process is designed by the company after teaming up with top university professors in the agriculture field, scientists, laboratories and leasing engineers to develop a new way of serving fresh and pure salads. The technology combines the traditional yet innovative organic wash with gentle brushing techniques and powerful redundant filtration.

The notable part is that the entire process is completely automated eliminating any human interaction, and thus, any chances of contamination as well. The end result is a great bowl of salad which is promised to be fresh, pure and ready to be served.

The Organic wash process followed under Terrapure technology does not contain chlorine or any other harmful chemicals which leave toxic residues may be harmful to health. After the organic wash a high quality filtration is followed and promised that ‘the water is so clean that you can drink it after we’re done’.

After filtration, a gentle drying process is followed by the ‘proprietary brushing technique’ which removes stubborn contaminants which regular washes can’t.The process ensures that the salads retains its  natural color, texture and flavor after the cleaning process so that it feels like the consumer is having the bowl of salad right plucked out from their own organic terrace garden.

Terras garden outsources the greens from the local farms which follow a strict standard for quality. Getting these salads from the local farms also assures that the final product can be harvested, packaged and put to the market shelves on the same day.  The special airflow packaging allows the thoroughly cleaned and packaged salads to maintain their natural flavor and color for a longer duration.

These salads are available in two variants namely Purely romaine  which contains the healthy benefits of crispy and healthy Romaine lettuce and Spring Mix which contains a delicious mix of baby lettuces, greens and radicchio. The products by Terras garden surely make a great option to the salad lovers who are looking for a healthy and pure option for everyday consumption.

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