Neighborhood Initiative: It’s Growing!

The book, Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God by Lynn Cory was released October 2013, by NavPress.
Loving your neighbor as much as you love yourself is just about as hard as loving your enemy today!

How does one find solace in the ever-increasing world of the old cliché, “Dog eat Dog”? Two simple words, “Love others”. If one recognizes that competition realistically does not exist because we are all under one roof then it is easy to realize that humanity can share, hope and enjoy each other’s presence. In 2012 Neighborhood Initiative was established in the San Fernando Valley by Lynn Cory, leader of Neighborhood Initiative, and Jeff Fisher, Pastor of Hope Chapel.

The book, Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God by Lynn Cory was released October 2013, by NavPress, and it has received a favorable response with everyone who has read it.

Like the tiny mustard seed mentioned by Jesus (Matthew 13:31,32) that starts small and eventually takes over a whole garden, Neighborhood Initiative has started small, but is slowly taking over neighborhoods, communities, and cities.

Pastors in churches in cities who have read Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God are beginning to adopt the simple plan that is laid out in the book. So often, pastors, leaders, and those in their congregation are consumed with the activities of their own church and miss out on the opportunities that are right outside their front door.  It truly is about caring for those living next door, as Jesus did. This is what should be met head on by pastors and leaders and grafted deep into the hearts of those in their churches.

Neighborhood Initiative provides coaching for pastors to help implement it in churches.

Neighborhood Initiative provides teaching and Training for those in congregations as to how to implement these principles in neighborhoods.

Let society finally benefit from those of us in churches all over our country by moving back into the neighborhood and loving our neighbors as ourselves.  This is not a dream.  It is growing in cities across our nation.

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