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Sport Em, Rock Em, Wear Em, Collect Em All!
Pocket Angelz are sports themed, animated characters that attach to any zipper while providing kids an added sense of security and protection. These brightly colored characters fit perfectly on backpacks, gym bags, jackets, purses or can be worn with the necklace included. With 16 different designs for girls and boys, Pocket Angelz are great for children of all ages and the perfect gift for parents and grandparents to give.

At just 11 years old, Riley McNitt wanted to make a difference. Back in late December 2012, Riley was reflecting on the terrible tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  He said he could not imagine what Christmas would be like that year for all the families affected as well as the entire community. Riley said to me he hoped the angels would be with the fallen kids and their families.  Touched by the events and very motivated to help in some way, he was inspired to create Pocket Angelz. 

The goal was to have a great product for kids to carry in their pockets and feel safe at all times. Hence the name, Pocket Angelz. As the idea continued to grow and evolve, we realized that not only could these Angelz provide a secure feeling, they could also be fun, fashionable, and hip for kids to wear.  Pocket Angelz are sport themed animated characters that attach to any zipper.  They are great for jackets, backpacks, gym bags, purses or can be worn with the bright necklace included.

Our slogan, SPORT ‘EM!   ROCK ‘EM!   WEAR ‘EM!   COLLECT ‘EM ALL!, describes just that.

With 16 unique characters to choose from for both girls and boys, Pocket Angelz are fun and look super cool, plus they give everyone a little more hope when life gets a bit scary.

With all the dark times our country is experiencing, we thought parents would feel good about sending their kids off to school, or dealing with everyday life, with their own personal angel to watch over them at all times. We also feel Pocket Angelz would make hospitals a little less scary place for kids. We hope they will bring a smile to their face and be a companion for those long days stuck in bed.

After a lot of hard work, Pocket Angelz are here and available for purchase. Our Angelz meet all safety requirements and are certified with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which means they are child friendly.

On a mission to spread love, security and happiness to children of all ages. Pocket Angelz are currently for sale on our website at www.pocketangelz.com with a retail price of $4.99.

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