Paul Yatt Unveils a Compelling New Sound for His Upcoming Album

For more than a decade, Paul Yatt has been honing his unique musical sound. Although a versatile musician with experience on keyboards and drums, Paul plays his favorite instrument, the guitar, and is the vocalist for the songs on his first full-length album.

Paul is from jazz hangouts actually, but now returns to the rock. After serving as a guitarist, arranger and composer for almost 200 performances, Paul will finally be able to showcase his many skills in service to a musical sound that fans will love.

Paul will provide the vocals and many of the instrumental performances along with veteran musicians and music producers. Unlike many other independent music projects, this new album from Paul Yatt will be a professional, sophisticated sound that rock and electronic music fans will find wholly inventive and hypnotic. You can enjoy his first single “Wawawa” here.

Paul and his team are inviting you to join him in bringing his sound to music fans around the world. He has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise €6,500 needed to produce the album. In return for your generous support, you can receive valuable perks like “Thank You” emails, Facebook recognition, digital albums, signed single “Machine Parts”, signed “Wawawa” single, T-shirt, or signed CD album, or “Wawawalbum” photobook.

If you are unable to financially support this project now, please consider sharing this campaign on Facebook or Twitter.

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