The Effectiveness Of Niche Marketing

Researches have revealed that nearly 80% of individuals rely on the internet and social media to search for services and products.
In order to have a look at the effectiveness of niche marketing, let’s observe a fisherman’s way.

He can use one of two methods for capturing the fish. With the first method, he will make a large net and throw it into river, gathering as many fish as he can capture in the net. In the second method, he chooses a small portion of river which is supposed to be saturated with his target fish species. Using a fly fishing method, he makes a careful selection of location to ensure that each individual cast will result in the capture of his targeted fish species. His final aim is always to capture a targeted number of fish. Both approaches are good, but they depend on the type of business. Niche marketing is about the careful selection of a target audience and then marketing the right product to them.

Mass marketing is aimed at expanding one’s target market with enhanced product portfolio. However, a more targeted marketing technique is used in niche marketing. Now day’s blogging has become a very profitable business. The types of blogs differ in the type of content needed by an audience. There are many blogs that furnish the needs of entire masses, by providing information from every field of life. Then, there are those that select a particular audience, catering to a particular need and targeting the right market. For example, some blogs may provide fashion related content; while others provide health related content only.

Similarly, when dry cleaning businesses utilize marketing companies that specialize in their specific target area of marketing, they are able to notice improved results. Many dry cleaning businesses have very little, or no, presence on the internet. This results in less exposure, as it forces them to rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising to increase their business. The internet provides a great forum to introduce different products. Recent researches have revealed that nearly 80% of individuals rely on the internet and social media to search for services and products. Therefore, a dry cleaning website is guaranteed to effectively communicate the motto and mission of the dry cleaning business, and increase its business substantially.

A dry cleaning website can be a constant source of advertisement for its company. With very little investment, a dry cleaning owner could potentially create drastically improved results for his business. By using internet marketing in combination with niche marketing techniques, the dry cleaning business can substantially improve their sales. Without internet marketing, a dry cleaning business falls between the cracks of Google. Google will not recognize that business if they virtually do not exist online. Being found or the beginning of a digital marketing strategy begins with a professional site and some SEO so it is found in the keywords people type when looking for a dry cleaner. Online marketing for a dry cleaning company creates convenient way for the busy person to find online the right dry cleaning service.

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