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The Egg Per’fect Egg Timer, the original color-changing egg timer, since 1978.
We offer several products and do not wish to feature only one product but would like to feature the company instead.

Since its inception in 1974, founder and product developer, Bob Burton, has led Burton Plastics to its status as the world leader in innovative color-changing thermometer technology. Their patented innovations have dominated the worldwide marketplace and has set the standard in easy-to-use color-changing thermometer products that allow for safe food preparation every time. The benchmark was set with the Egg Per’fect, an in-the-pot timer that allows a choice of soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs simply by watching the color change. Expanding into color-changing technology for every meat and protein category, the focus of the company is on simplicity, safety, and satisfaction. 

Their top selling product is the Egg Per’fect Egg Timer. Many millions of timers have been sold worldwide. It is the original color changing egg timer, on the market since 1978, invented and patented by Bob Burton and a partner. The Egg Per’fect has been copied many times but their product remains unrivaled because the copies were not able to accurately reproduce their proprietary color changing technology and thus give false readings. The Egg Per’fect is currently carried by Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table, and Crate & Barrel among many others worldwide. 

In addition to the Egg Per’fect, they have several instant-read, color-changing thermometers in the product line. The benefit of this technology as opposed to traditional numerical thermometers, is that the user doesn’t need to know the proper temperature required for a particular protein. The Cooked Per’fect collection of thermometers will visually show when the meat is ready (for fish, pork, or poultry) or cooked to a particular doneness (for beef). This makes the use of their line of thermometers not only reliable, but with results showing in 3 seconds, they are as fast as they are simple.

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