Still think range and charging a problem for electric cars? Not anymore

Electric vehicles (EVs) are generally limited by a range of miles they can travel before being down for hours as they refuel through plugged charging. This is a significant barrier to their widespread adoption and hence market penetration, currently comprising only a minor fraction of cars in the U.S. Rollout of this charging network falls in the classic chicken-and-egg conundrum, should the network be rolled out before the EV market takes off and risk an underutilized and capital-inefficient infrastructure?Or should EV markets dictate where to put charging stations. Using this model,some parts of the nation will remain unreachable given the minimal density of electric vehiclesin different urban or rural cities.

Verd2GOdeveloped a portable battery to change that – Insteadof charging for hours, electric vehicle drivers swap depleted batteries for freshly-charged ones as range extenders, from a 24/7 self-service kiosk which doubles as an energy storage unit – charging during off-peak times of unused and cheap energy, or storing excess solar or wind power. Energy storage is a less spatially reliant need, almost all utilities struggle with peak to off-peak management, not just San Francisco or Boston, the typical hotbeds for electric vehicles.

If you are an electric vehicle driver, and want to use Verd2GO for fast charging on long trips you could not have taken before, the company is currently doing an Indiegogo campaign, and hooks up the first 50 electric vehicle drivers with a $500-off discount on this aftermarket, bolt-on kit. “The electric vehicle market is still tiny, consisting of only a few. We allow more people to buy and maintain electric cars effortlessly” said Sunny Sanwar,the founder of Verd2GO.Electric vehicles are here to stay

For a gasoline or diesel vehicle, they instantly make a hybrid out of your combustion engine car. An onboard docking station, accepts these battery modules from kiosks to dock onto the adapter, and feeds clean energy to partially power your dirty gas-powered car – infusing renewables and getting an increase in gas mileage at the same time. You could also charge the modules with wasted energy from the internal-combustion engine cars and sell it back to the grid. “Uber is not the only way to make money using your car” said Sunny Sanwar, an engineer who invented the technology.It is all controllable from your app, when the batteries get depleted, app tells you closest kiosk to swap them out. 

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