How remotely charging your phone could help save the world

Emissions can prove disastrous for the future of the planet. Verd2GO, a clean technology startup invented a way to reduce coal and gas needs from power plants, while also reducing oil consumption in transportation – the predominant sources of greenhouse gases. They created a rechargeable module, which sits in energy storage “kiosks” that could be used by users like a Redbox, but the modules could be placed in their cars to reduce gas consumption, or in their homes to reduce power consumption.

The kiosks even integrates solar or renewable energy, so cars and homes could now be powered by the modules, without ever having to have a solar panel hooked up on their home or property. It decentralizes energy and treats it like a product that consumers can understand. They are conducting a crowdfunding campaign to bring their product to market next year, and you could get various energy storage devices for your smartphones, or even for your car. By grabbing a perk, you could help them address the issues of emissions in how electricity is made and fuels are used.

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