Verd2GO creates the “Redbox” of Energy: Stop paying monthly electric billsto dirty power-plants

As disruptions continue on conventional and age old business models such as the power grid and utilities, a young startup challenges inefficiencies in current energy delivery and creates an on-demand energy dispensing system. Think of it as the Redbox of energy, dispensing portable, nano-battery with wider temperature ranges of operations, lighter in weight with seamless monitoring. It scales up and down to different capabilities, needs and uses; be it automotive (vehicle-to-grid), for home use, other auxiliary power requirements or just for your devices.  They have an ongoing crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to reach out to early adopters.

Same devices can also allow you to power your home with solar, even if you don’t have a feasible roof or the funds to buy and install solar panels. If you do own a solar panel or a solar farm, you can effectively store energy in the packs and turn them in to the kiosk to get credited, through a sort of decentralized net-metering model – a crowdsourcing of energy from the community of users. Kiosks, which aims to incentivize and manage more decentralized generation comes in both grid-tied systems and stand-alone units, and can be either consumer side (behind-the-meter) or utility side storage, creating a comprehensive network of renewables-integrated energy storage and charging stations.

Whenever you need energy, instead of taking coal-powered electricity from the grid, you have an option to take clean energy from a community kiosk storage without going through the hassle of installing panels and turbines on your real-estate or getting electricians and/or dealing with utilities or city permitting.

Of the 120 million or so households in the United States, less than 16 million are in a position to install solar panels at their homes” – said Inventor and Verd2GO Founder Sunny Sanwar.“We openup solar to the remaining 100 million households”. The solar-powered rental modules could be docked in any room of a house, and power demand, while an app tracks all consumption.

If energy is thought of as the internet, the company pushes for, and pioneers the “grid neutrality”, an echoing of the net-neutrality movement.

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