Start a New Day with Airwheel Q5 Twin-wheeled Electric Scooter

It’s hard to savor all the various flavors life offers, since it’s always filled of ups and downs. But it’s not good to sink into the immense sadness. Finally the sunrise will show up as Airwheel Q5, that is a fresh start of life. Open a new page for the life with riding the distinctive scooters.

Life is always full of ups and downs. When the happy days fade away quietly, the endless sorrow upwells into the heart. It’s hard to savor all the various flavors life offers. Sometimes the negative emotions linger around the life, and they hang about a long time making people sink into melancholy. As she is one of the people sinking into the immense sadness, it seems that it’s hopeless for her. Nothing can evoke the passion in slumber. However, a new electric scooter with a round body is rolling to her with an intention of soothing pains in her heart.

That small stuff is rather fresh and cute as the herald of spring in the dawn. About its exterior, the twin-wheel scooter is with a perfect color matching, blue with a tone of white, like the subtle flow of cloud that makes the sky seem even more vast, azure and immense… Thinking of this scene, she seems a little bit better than before. How can she ride it to the faraway place in order to heal the pains in her heart? She presses the power button, and puts one foot on the pedal. At that moment, the scooter moves a distance. She feels she is going to fall over, and puts the other foot on the pedal to keep balance.

In light of the leaning protection system, she doesn’t get hurt when she fails to use a proper pose controlling the center of gravity. Undergoing several trials, she finds a long and wide road to practice it. Since this twin-wheel scooter is based on gyros theory and aviation attitude system, she feels she is rotating on the small stuff as if the rolling wheel was a part of her. She can ride the scooter on the road which is about ups and downs. That’s so fantastic. 

Through riding the scooter, she gradually forgets the sorrow in her heart. That lets her experience the fun of life.

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