Airwheel Mini Self-balancing Scooters S6 Will Lead the New Concepts of Fashion

Since Airwheel 2-wheeled scooters were rolled out, they have become more and more popular in the market. They bring users a more convenient life. But some users said that Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooters were little bit heavy and large. To meet users’ needs, Airwheel launched mini 2-wheeled intelligent scooters S6 on Sep 29th, 2015. Although S6 looks small, it is still very intelligent and brings together many high technologies. There are two highlights in Airwheel electric motors S6: mini size and intelligence.

Airwheel sitting-posture self-balancing scooters S6 looks so different from the former models. Although S6 adopts the two-wheeled structure of Airwheel S-series models, it doesn’t have a joystick. Instead, S6 has an adjustable seat, which is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy materials. It is such a humanized design that the seat can be adjusted with users’ heights. And the leather seat cushion makes users more comfortable when they are sitting on it. The wheels of Airwheel S6 are much smaller than other scooters. The size is 8-inch. So Airwheel S6 takes less room. With S6, users can pass through any roads, even narrow corridors. They won’t be worried about the traffic jams.

Furthermore, Airwheel industrial designers put dual cores and double battery protection boards in mini electric scooters S6. When one battery board can’t work, the other one will make the scooter slow down to ensure the safety. Airwheel continues to use the original Sony lithium battery, which is safer and greener than ordinary battery. In addition, Airwheel S6 is equipped with wireless remote controls. Users can easily control the scooters by wireless remote controls. 

Airwheel sitting-posture electric scooters S6 are brand new 2-wheeled scooters in the new age. If users want to stand to ride S6, they can stand. If they want to sit, they can sit on S6 comfortably.

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