Farm-Made Spirits and Vodka Are Way Tastier Then Any Other Brands

Spirits and Vodka made from the farm are tastier and of better quality.
Spirits and Vodka made in a farm? Well, yes the main ingredient present in vodka and spirits include potatoes. And it’s a known fact that potatoes are harvested in farms. However, despite the potatoes being harvested in farms, there are two methods of creating the spirits and vodka. One method is in factories and other production plants where standard technology and tools are used and the second is where these products are grown in a farm.

Why are farm grown vodka and spirits tastier

Here are a couple of reasons that would answer the above:

Fresh Ingredients

Unlike the method where the potatoes need to be shipped and transported to production plants over a number of days, causing the freshness of potatoes to decrease, at the farm the vodka and spirits are made as soon as the potatoes are harvested; as soon as they are fresh.

Better quality

Obviously, with the above quality of the drinks made in the farms are going to have higher quality than the ones made in the production plants owing to the fresher ingredients and the main use of traditional methods, which are said to bring enhanced flavors.

No artificial additions

Most vodkas and spirits made in production plants and factories include artificial ingredients to enhance taste and increase shelf life whereas most vodkas and spirits created in farms reduce the use of artificial additions and try bringing the taste out naturally.

Small Quantities

Vodka and spirits that are made in large production plants and factories are made solely on a commercial basis, in large quantities owing to the large demand from retailers and other markets they supply to.

Therefore, this results in large volumes of these products being made in one turn which therefore reduces the focus on getting quality and taste and instead focus is shifted towards volumes and profits.

While on the other hand, the products made in the farm are mostly made on subsistence marketing or cater to smaller markets thereby allowing higher focus on quality and taste arising from the smaller volumes.

Time difference

Supporting the above statement, vodka made in factories and production plants that produce large volumes of products have less time to focus on other aspects that may enhance quality and taste.

Most production plants and factories that are focused on profits and volumes will try reaching economies of scale via cutting costs and finding shortcuts that will enhance profits while substituting taste.

However, farm made vodka and spirits will involve longer distillation periods and focus on finding different ways to enhance the taste.


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