8 Helpful Tips For A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Above all, the most simple and effective results one can acquire comes from a professional teeth whitening specialist such as Perfect Ten Smile.
A good start to getting a brighter, whiter smile one can start with following some simple steps.

Who does not want to have brighter, whiter teeth? Nice teeth are something every individual strives for. Here are some tips for a whiter smile:

• Whitening toothpastes are great for the maintenance of white teeth. It is simple to just whiten one’s teeth by rubbing toothpaste on them through brushing. Over time, the toothpaste will remove the stains and appear brighter.

• If faster results are needed, going to a teeth whitening specialist such as Kevin Rynn with Perfect Ten Smile in Plano, Texas is a great option. His service is affordable and the results are apparent.

• Giving up coffee can prevent further stains on the teeth because coffee can greatly discolor teeth. An individual who desires whiter teeth should consider switching to tea instead.

• Some individuals become obsessive about whitening their teeth and subject their teeth to multiple bleaching treatments.

Instead of overloading one’s mouth with bleach treatments, it is a much better idea to reach the desired level and then touch-up once a month. Limit multiple bleach treatments to no more than two times per year.

• If one is using a home whitening kit, it is important to ensure that one has the correct concentration of peroxide needed in order to effectively remove stains on the teeth.

As a rule of thumb, concentrations with ten percent peroxide should be used. Concentrations that are too low do not typically provide satisfactory results.

• Baking soda can naturally whiten teeth. It is common for whitening toothpastes to use baking soda. A tooth whitener can be made by adding a small amount of salt to baking soda and water. 

• Going to the dentist regularly for a cleaning every six months will eliminate the possibility of plaque and tarter staining one’s teeth.

• Increasing one’s water intake can prevent the mouth from developing harmful bacteria and help to remove difficult foods that may result in staining. A good way to ensure that one is drinking enough water is to aim for eight glasses of water per day.

Above all, the most simple and effective results one can acquire comes from a professional teeth whitening specialist such as Perfect Ten Smile. One customer even said, “Kevin by far exceeded our expectations. I made an appointment for my 90 year old grandfather who drinks red wine & smokes cigars most days. My grandfather has always taken really good care of his teeth so they are in good shape but lacking the white luster of his youth. We couldn’t be any happier with his results, we choose the 1 hour (stronger) option. I plan on making an appointment for myself in the future.”

With Kevin Rynn’s one-hundred percent money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the results there is nothing to lose! With Perfect Ten Smile, anyone could have the whitest, brightest smile!


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