Dreaming of Owning an Apple Car, Why not Begin with an Airwheel PRO Electric Skateboards Complete M3?

There is plenty of evidence to indicate that Apple is working on something car-related, even if Apple has not said anything publicly about it yet. The rumors range from an electric car to an operating system of vehicles for a self-driving car that will launch in 2019. Over the past few years, Apple has hired engineers who built prototypes at Bentley, made vehicles quieter at Chrysler and Hyundai, and managed crash dummy tests. The company’s hiring spree has even spurred legal action. Investors believe it would be a good move for Apple and the car industry. Many customer have to wait too long to be patient. Why not ride a latest electric skateboard to experience the high-tech traveling.


Apple is the pioneer in smart mobile and pad industry and since it turned attention to intelligent vehicle industry, there must be an encouraging story. Since then Airwheel regards Apple as the model, trying its best to catch up it one day. Recently Airwheel Technology has released several new products. For instance, M3 intelligent wireless remote control electric skateboards is a good example to show Airwheel’s innovation. After continuing trails and errors in this year, M3 has come into market with numerous surprises finally.


Combing entertainment and practical function, M3, unlike other members in Airwheel family, has achieved various technology breakthroughs. Taking wireless remote control, with the 2.4G handheld wireless remote control, the rider can control to go back or forth. As the original precursor, the remote control design is beyond many Airwheel loyal fans’ expectation and a new intelligent era is coming. Being another “Apple” in electric scooter manufactures is the perpetual pursuit for all Airwheel staffs. For any high-tech geek, it is time to let the hands control directions of the scooter instead of playing online game.

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