A Safer Option, the Latest Airwheel Complete Electric Skateboard M3

Skating in different poses is a popular means of recreation among children and adults. It is also fast gaining popularity as an efficient means of short-distance transportation. The activity is exciting and a good exercise, but the risk of injury is also high. Skateboarding is a fun sport that involves high-speed movements on smooth, hard surfaces. However, there are several risks associated with the activity because of the potential for collisions and falls. Today, thanks to the emergence of M3, another safe choice is given. Adopting the so called four fold protection which includes speed limit protection, low battery protection, tilting protection, battery protection, Airwheel motorized skateboard M3 always put safety of rider into the first place. Moreover, the wireless remote control system helps the beginner to start their journey at a relative slow speed, which is also recommended to the parents to guarantee journey of their children.


Fractures to the hands, legs and wrists are common during falls, especially when the green hand is learning to skateboard. Skateboarding on smooth level surfaces reduces the frequency of falling. Magnetic levitation motor of Airwheel intelligent wireless remote control electric skateboards brings more than 30°climbing degree. Due to this particular design, the rider is able to surf in certain slight hills without falling out.


Besides, riders of M3, complete skateboards are also suggested to adopt some protective equipment such as proper shoes, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards, which, to some extent can reduce the severity of falls and avoid fractures. A supervised skate park is the safest place for skateboarding, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Airwheel electric skateboard M3 has been beyond this limitation. Except for the entertainment function, it can bring riders to some unexpected places. Taking M3 as the personal transport for white collars or college students will be a trend in the near future.

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