Healing Hands Physical Therapy Services Announces Refreshed Services

Healing Hands Offers Outpatient Rehabilitation Services for Members of the Workforce Injured on the Job

Healing Hands Physical Therapy Services, an outpatient provider located in the Brookland community of Washington, D.C., announced today that the facility now offers a greater range of services in pursuit of its goal to improve the health of the community and provide quality, comprehensive care. Services include rehabilitation for post orthopedic surgery, traumatic injury recovery, motor vehicle accidents (determined on a case by case basis), and worker’s compensation.

“We are focused on providing the kind of care that people would like to receive in physical therapy,” said Marva Marsha, founder. “We are fully committed to empowering, educating and enabling all of the patients we serve with movement limitations in support of their healing and improvement of their quality of life.”

Healing Hands Physical Therapy’s team works one-on-one with patients to treat sprains and strains, low back pain, sciatica, whiplash, overuse injuries, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, loss of balance, acute and chronic problems, and other orthopedic injuries. The facility also focuses on working with individuals who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents or in the workplace to help them achieve maximum results in order to return to their active lifestyles and employment.

Healing Hands Physical Therapy’s team works with each patient to understand their individual needs and to provide patients with a customized individual home exercise program. Additionally, the team works with each patient to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the physical therapy process, including the details of their insurance benefits. The facility works with over 20 insurance providers and ensures each patient knows how many outpatient visits are covered under their plan, if referrals or authorizations required and if their deductible has been met.

For more information about Healing Hands Physical Therapy Services and to schedule an appointment, visit www.healinghandsspt.org

Registration forms, medical release forms and HIPPA authorization forms are also available for download on the website.

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