Airwheel Boy Electric Skateboard M3 Breaks the Boundaries

Science and technology creates new life, wisdom lightens up a new future. When skateboards encounter intelligent chips and an automatic steering-sensor system, traditional tools and modern technology collide and sparkle to create new trip mode. This is what Airwheel electric skateboard M3 have done.

The motorized skateboard M3 is an artistic masterpiece of Airwheel Technology. As an ordinary skateboard, the board is purely hand-made. Each detail is refined and the concise contour represents the craftsmanship of the designers. The 11 kg product could bear a maximum weight of 100 kg, while its max climbing angle could reach about 15°. Turning off the remote control, it is an ordinary skateboard. Riders could show off dazzling riding skills and push the limits. Turning on the remote control, it is an efficient yet cool transport tool. The multiple functions are impressive and kicking. 

A series of new technologies are introduced to M3 to make it accessible for high-tech enthusiasts as well as skateboard fans. M3 is inserted with two main chips. Dual battery circuits and chips mean double assurance. The quality materials chosen present decorous feelings to customers. Users could DIY the accessories and different parts according to their own likings. The PU material damper mass could absorb shocks on the bumpy roads, and make glide safer and more smoothly. A 2.4 G wireless remote control works within 10 meters. The electric skateboard supports variable speeds like cars.

Skateboards used to be deemed as toys for the avant-garde extreme sports enthusiasts. But the introduction of Airwheel electric skateboard M3 may help to change the stereotype and get spread to more kinds of people. The charm of technology is that it could change the way people perceive the world. Skateboards could be transformed from toys to tools. When electromobiles are created, they free people from the exhaust of riding bikes with human labor. Airwheel intelligent motorized skateboards may exert the same kind of effects. One technological step is one giant leap for mankind. Airwheel M3 pushes the boundaries of technologies.

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