Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard for Teenagers Family Embraces New Members

Apple’s Project Titan is in motion now. The company is embarking on creating an ultimate mobile device, an entire apple-made car. Obviously, Apple has seen the huge potentials in the electric automobile industry. Automobiles driven by clean energy electricity is an inexorable trend in the current era. Some could afford Apple and Tesla cars while more could not. Fortunately, Airwheel Technology, by producing low-priced electric self-balancing scooters with good quality, offers more choices for the general public.

There were seismic events for Airwheel Technology which might change the face of the technology landscape. In this autumn, Airwheel launched a package of four types of products, orbit electric unicycle F3, electric skateboard M3, saddle-equipped electric scooter S6, and 2-wheeled electric scooter Z3. Each of them is the vanguard of their own series. Since the introduction of the APP for A3, it has been well-received by customers. It offers services as statistical reports, positioning, and anti-theft alarm for users. This time, all the four types of electric scooters could be connected to an APP. 

Among the four types of electric devices, M3 wins the most attention for Airwheel fans. Distinguished from other intelligent motorized skateboards, M3 is actually an electric skateboard. Axing the saddle and the controlling lever, the product seems more lightsome than ever before. A hand-made board, four wide tires and the metallic appearance of the wheel hubs add robust feelings to M3 itself. M3 has a modular design. When a single module malfunctions, other parts could still work efficiently.

Apart from the tough appearance, the performance is also unbeatable. The electric functions are controlled by a 2.4G wireless remote control and two intelligent chips to change between different speeds. The maximum speed of M3 could reach 18 km/h. The TPU material damper mass mounted on the wheels help to absorb shocks. Thus, riding M3 on any kind of road could be smoother and more comfortable. Quality comes from details. Airwheel electric skateboard M3 is an aesthetic and practical tool.

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