Former Assistant district Attorney releases his book based on the mysterious UFOs

The book named ‘The Light Caller’ is released by the Georgia trial lawyer and former assistant district attorney L. Chandler Vreeland. The fictional story is inspired by the true events of Vreeland’s life especially from the time when he went to a trip on Barbados islands, many years back, with his father.

The protagonist of the story is named John who is famous as “The light caller” and has a unique ability to see and communicate with UFOs.  He experiences many mysterious events as the story proceeds and multiple characters get unveiled with interesting circumstances.

The UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects have now become a well known phenomenon with the emergence of media and news channels. Over the past several decades, multiple cases of UFOs have been seen with multiple stories cooking behind with some people calling it as the alien ship, some as a military air craft and other theories.

Although, the scientists still have to discover the mystery of UFOs and know what exactly it is. Even if no one knows much about UFOs but a simple sighting is enough to make a headline and become the talk of the town. People are fascinated by this concept and considering the same, a number of movies have been made, documentaries have been published, books have been released and yet it continues to be the hot topic among the audiences.  

The book ‘The light caller’ is inspired from the same concept but tries to bring a new perspective to the mystery and with the protagonist having this psychic ability to communicate with the UFOs it surely makes for an interesting combination.

Also, in the present year, a lot of stories have emerged which are strongly supporting the existence of extra terrestrial beings in the universe and that they have been contacting Earth since a long time. Perhaps, the book takes inspiration from this and tries to explore both good and bad side of being in contact with the aliens. The story line surely raises some eyebrows and flames curiosity as the reader tries to wonder whether these UFOs will bring more friends to the humans or lead to the destruction of the humanity. The book is currently available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle format.

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