Soling Strikes the HK Autumn Electronics Fair and Draws Foreign Clients’ Attention

On the second day in the HK autumn electronics fair, Soling’s three vehicle information terminal systems draw eyes of the foreign visitors who acclaim the advanced level of CHINA MADE greatly. Foreign visitors flood into Soling’s displaying room. By way of on-site communication and experience, the foreign visitors show their keen interests to Soling’s new products.

In this HK Fair, Soling brings the new generation of IOV system named Che Yunbao, high-end model intelligent dual-system and Android vertical screen CID system. The super strong functions and beyond-expected amazing experience leave every foreign visitor deep expressions.

1. Che Yunbao IOV System

Soling’s Che Yunbao collects driving analysis, car-using report, remote detection, maintenance suggestion, driving records, 4S shop service into one, making driving more intelligent, safer and more convenient.


2. High-end Model Intelligent Dual-system   

Soling’s high-end model intelligent dual-system is specifically developed for Q3, Q5, A3 and A4 models. Based on the original car style, it adds an Android dual-system product, which enables switch between the original car system and the Android system randomly. Android dual-system adopts the latest 4.4 version operating system and is installed with super strong A9 Dual-Core CPU processor. It is available to connect Wi-Fi hotspots and supports 3G and 4G wireless networking accesses, downloading mobile Apps and the wireless interconnection between Apple, Android mobiles and cars. Meanwhile, it is equipped with Beidou Dual-mode Navigation which ensures its display of the functions and features. Further, the Android dual-system supports the U disk with ultra large capacity, mobile hard disk and fast read of the external box which guarantees the play of Hi Fi lossless music in full format and HD blue-ray videos.

3. Android Vertical Screen CID System

Soling launches the Android vertical screen CID system the first time. The magnificent vertical design and strong visual shock make the whole master control system splendid.

All the time, Soling has been paying attention to the expansion of the overseas market and has developing products in accordance with the international design standard. Recently years, the overseas market has spread continuously. As a window to show the global clients Soling’s power, this HK Fair provides Soling a chance. Soling’s three new products leave a great impression to overseas guests. Taking this as an opportunity, we expect that Soling achieves more in overseas market. 

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