Innnovative, All-Natural Weight Loss Aid LeptinTeatox Now Available in Holland

New Dutch site comes online with secure store and many helpful informational resources, LeptinTeatox reports

LeptinTeatox, a globally popular all-natural weight-loss and detox tea system, is now available in the Netherlands. Visitors to the new leptinTeatox Holland site will discover how the product, comprising a morning boost formulation and a nighttime cleansing mix, can help them lose weight, free their bodies of harmful, energy-sapping toxins, and live more fulfilling lives. With the addition of Holland to the Leptinteatox distribution network, the innovative, 100% natural product can now be enjoyed by people in at least 13 countries around the world.

“We’re happy to announce that those in the Netherlands can now enjoy the energy, weight loss encouragement, and detoxification that LeptinTeatox has become so well known for,” company representative Henry Jones said, “This is an important development for us, as well as everyone in Holland who is looking for an all-natural path toward better health and well-being. The new Dutch LeptinTeatox website is now online with a secure store and plenty of information about what these remarkable teas can do for users.”

The feeling of hunger in human beings arises as what is normally a balancing act between two crucial hormones tips to one side. Special cells in the gastrointestinal trract produce a hormone known as ghrelin that contributes to feeling hungry, while fat cells throughout the body produce a competing hormone known as leptin that counteracts the feeling. As individuals gain more and more weight, though, sensitivity to leptin decreases, leading many overweight people to experience more subjective hunger than their hormonal balances would naturally indicate.

Since the company’s founding in 2002, Smart Sense Leptin Ltd has focused on producing coffees, teas, and other products that help right this balance and contribute to other desirable outcomes. Originally based in China, the company developed an international distribution network for the introduction of its most successful product yet, LeptinTeatox.

LeptinTeatox consists of two distinct tea formulations, one designed for use in the morning and the other meant to be taken before bed. The first tea provides a burst of energy, including a well-engineered dose of caffeine that allows it to substitute for a morning pick-me-up beverage, and leverages the action of leptin and metabolism-boosting natural additives to put the body on a fat-burning trajectory that lasts throughout the day. Free of stimulants, the complementary nighttime tea encourages a gentle, effective detox detoxification of the body, readying users to start the coming morning fresh and purified.

This innovative, highly successful product is now available to buyers in the Netherlands, adding to the rapidly growing list of countries where LeptinTeatox is making a difference. Visitors to the new LeptinTeatox Holland site will find competitive pricing and the same great range of products that those elsewhere enjoy.

About LeptinTeatox:

Helping users lose weight and attain greater overall health, LeptinTeatox boosts the metabolism, keeps food cravings down, and assists with digestion in gentle but effective, all-natural ways.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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