Finally An Alternative Press Release Distribution to PRWeb for Google News and Top News Sites

Last week I created a press release and instead of using PRWeb Press Release Distribution I decided to try another distribution service.


Well there are a lot of press release distribution out there and sticking with one that provides you with the best service is recommended however there are some tasks that don’t massively impact your business if you try another company once in a while. Press release services, in my opinion, is one of them.

I located via search and decided to give them a try. Their packages are priced with the small business in mind and are quite reasonable for that they give you. I selected the ‘Search Engine Visibility’ package which is very well priced.

PRBoom Uses most traditional media outlets, like TV and radio channels, now have vibrant news websites that present their content online. If you want the attention you deserve, your press release needs to circulate among these outlets. They  make sure your news gets featured on top TV and radio news sites that report happenings in your industry. They distribute your press release to over 1000 Top News Sites and Google News.

The signup process is quick and simple and I had my press release submitted in less than 20 minutes. With PRWeb its a bit longer as the submission form is split up into many pages.

Once I submitted my press release I waited for the response back (with PRWeb this includes helpful tips about the content). After about 2 days I started to get concerned at the lack of response so I went to their ‘contact us’ page and requested contact. No response. By this time it was the weekend and I was starting to get annoyed with the lack of response.

What I did next can only be done with the ‘magic’ of social networks – I did a search and located their Facebook Page and posted a comment – I also located the founder of LinkedIn profile and connected with her.


The response was fast. Not only did I have customer support contacting me I had the founder of the business emailing me concerned that my emails had gone missing. From then on I guess the correct process took its course and I received the feedback response about my press release as well as checks from the founder.

The press release is now up and I am happy.

What impressed me the most was the personal approach to the review of my press release. With PRWeb you kinda get the feeling that they are using a template process with standard response blocks of text that they copy and paste into their review. With Onlineprnews’s review you could see that the review was written from start to finish by a person who had actually read the content and wanted the best success for me.

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