Smartgoods4u.Com Offers New Product That Makes Kindling A Fire Easy By Using Special Stove Inserts

It seems that the winter is due to arrive early in some parts of Germany and therefore German based online store Smartgoods4u.Com is offering its buyers an easy solution that provides warmth without wait. The Kindling Cradle from has been introduced as the most efficient way of starting a fire in a woodstove, this easy alternative to traditional method makes the use of wood pellets easier.

Regarding the problem that gave birth to the innovative solution, the spokesperson said: “Every owner of a wood burner has most likely already experienced that wood does not catch fire properly and goes out. Normally to start a fire some kindling wood plus newspaper or a few fire starters are placed at the bottom inside the stove. Afterwards the fire wood is stacked on top and the newspaper or the fire starters are lit. Some people recommend leaving the door open slightly until the wood has caught fire and is burning securely. But doing so, some smoke will surely fill the room. It gets worse if the fire starters or the newspaper stop burning and the logs have not yet caught fire properly.”

The Kindling Cradle has been created for convenience therefore the cradle is easy to use. The instructions for using the cradle require users to place the kindling cradle (wood pellet basket) into the woodstove or a fire place and fill it up to 2/3rds with wood pellets. Afterwards a fire starter of choice can be used before placing the fire wood above the kindling cradle. The logs can be stacked according user preference. It is then time to light the fire starter and the stove’s door can be closed. Just after 3 minutes the logs burn on their own and after 10 minutes the fire is at full swing.

The durable steel insert integrated in the cradle’s design, keeps the little pellets together thus enabling a compact heat in the lower level. Furthermore this method pre heats and further dries the logs which contributes to a cleaner and better burning. According to experts what matters is the burning material at the bottom of the stove. It needs to be small, dry and highly flammable and the Kindling Cradle with wood pellets provides the perfectly kindled fire in just less than 15 minutes which would otherwise take up to half an hour.

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Company SmartGoods4U was founded in 2011 following the invention of the kindling cradle. It is located in Lehre, Germany.


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