Indiegogo Campaign Needs Help to Crack the Case

Indie short film director, Sarah Goras Peterson takes her crime thriller, The Aaron Case, to Indiegogo for completion. Sarah has directed several short films in her brief career and has brought enthusiasm and passion to each and every project. This latest film is her most ambitious project to date.

The Aaron Case is both a crime thriller about a detective on the trail to find a serial killer’s next victim and the tragic story of a mother who has to face the murderer of her daughter to find the child before it’s too late. This ambitious short film already has some industry veterans signed on including lead actress Anna Talakkottur and James Neihouse as the director of photography.

“I am very passionate about this film and want to share that passion with the film community that supports artists on Indiegogo,” Peterson explains. “Part of why we’re bringing it to Indiegogo is to get some feedback and support for a project all of us really believe in. Of course, we need money. No doubt, but we also have a lot of volunteers and people committed to being involved even without it. This is a great script, a great cast and crew, and we’re all working together to make this a reality. We hope that we can build the same level of enthusiasm from film lovers about the project that we have within the team and really make this the best short film of its type being produced this year.”

Peterson is looking for a total of $10,000 which will be used to build sets, buy props, score the film, supply food to the cast and crew, pay everyone something (even though their time is now being donated), and to prepare the film for festivals. The entire cast and crew want to express their deep appreciation for Indiegogo and the ability to communicate about the project and spread enthusiasm to film lovers and benefactors.

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