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Information found on Times Realty News extremely credible, proven over years of testing and performance has been recognized day in and day out by many groups nationwide.
Times Realty News stands alone as a integrated high tech firm that is in touch with the financing world.

It provides cutting edge media news for the emerging market of Alternative Realty Financing. This sophisticated venue allows the public to stay in tune with real estate crowdfunding and the alternative financing industry in general. Readers can come to this site for advancements in tools, listings, and resources to take part in more educated and informed form of unique vesting opportunities.  
This eccentric group just so happens to be the go-to channel for information about the development and growth of real estate crowdfunding including digital services, advice forums and  platforms. Real estate investors can come to Times Realty News for the self same information whether they are beginners or experts in their niche or just in need of some fundamental data. Investors, entrepreneurs, developers and professionals alike use the platform as a venue to really understand and discuss new laws and regulations that may affect their industry in regards to real estate. Readers of Times Realty News learn about financial innovations as they emerge into the market. Times Impact Publications, which is under the Soho Loft Media Group owns and operates Times Realty News and has successfully committed to the needs and desires of many successful entrepreneurs nation wide.

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Information found on Times Realty News extremely credible, proven over years of testing and performance has been recognized day in and day out by many groups nationwide. Worldwide publications including Bloomberg, Time, and Fortune cited Times Realty News in an article about New York City’s first crowdfunded condo which opens this month. This news is a game changer as it is showing the growing expansion of crowdfunding in its entirety as it is becoming visible and prominent in the industry.

It just so happens that Times Realty is the world’s only real estate and crowdfunding news and information site and is paving the way to become the largest source of information in this niche. The website lists over two-hundred thirty crowdfunding platforms that exist globally. Time Realty News writer David Drake’s thought leadership articles about real estate crowdfunding have been in Forbes, Huffington Post, WSJ, entrepreneur.com, Venture Beat, and Thomson Reuters and has become the authority figure and has been quoted advising even the most ritualistic investors globally. The content written by Drake for Times Realty News has been syndicated over one-hundred times to over one-hundred publications and media channels.              

In addition, Times Realty News has come together with event and media partners such as Thomson Reuters, Opal Financial Group, and Lido Consulting for financial conferences and production sponsorship of more than eight-hundred conferences and events since 2011 in which the majority of them are focused on or talk about real estate crowdfunding.

As crowdfunding becomes a growing trend in the alternative finance world, it is important to stay on top of the news, rules, and regulations that arise as the years progress. The best place to do that is the trusted website Times Realty News. There relevant information is consistently posted to the site that is helpful to anyone in the industry.  

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