China Manufacturer: How to make a choice in the chilly export economic?

Over 27000 well-know china companies would participate in the 118th Canton Fair in Guangzhou. They will show their latest and technology products ranging from electric, machine, travel & outdoors and apparel. 

Canton Fair is the biggest export show in China or Asia and just well-know manufacture will exhibit their strong items in it. For this over 58 years history trade show, it will be hard to attract more buyer. The exhibitor will complain that less and less customer came to this fair. So that some exhibitors will give up their exhibition opportunity. However there are so many companies which didn’t have the chance to take part in. It is ridiculous that you want, but no chance. It happens all the time, but more in China. 

At the event, more and more companies has been trying to find a way to attract their visitor in the exhibition. They need to survive in the chilly china export economic. Generally they will try to expand their business by internet, even though they had ALIBABA. 

As one of the three biggest exporting province in china, this chilly export economic will be a crisis to Zhejiang at the same time. Welfull Group is one of the biggest export company with over 23 years in Zhejiang. Since 1993, this group has started its outdoors wholesale business. They are managing various outdoor items produced by over 50 member factories in their own group. it has its own professional technical team, design team, develop team, QC team, which monitor and supervise factories during production and make sure that all shipments are delivered exactly as what customer has ordered.

In 2014, this group has exported outdoor products over 50 million US Dollars. They feel threatened by the chilly export economic. In fact, it is the hard time to all china export company. His branch company Welfulloutdoors already do something in advance. This company’s main products are Tent, Sleeping bag, Outdoor chair and so on. It is their choice that create one outdoors wholesale website. On the fair, they promote their website by this exhibition and give the new customer USD $200 discount for first order. 

Perhaps you had found one or more on-line marketplace in somewhere. Do you think this discount appeal to you, and will you choose this manufacturer as your supplier? The exhibitor had made their choice, now it is time that need the buyer doing something.

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