The Gratspot mobile application is the new and exciting way to give and receive tips

It happens quite often that people want to give tips but don’t have cash available with them but now there is an easy way which can be adopted in such situation with the help of the Gratspot, a mobile application and a platform to give and receive tips.

Anyone can register on the site with a simple sign up process and start giving or receiving tips.  The user will need to add their name, e-mail id, PayPal ID, company name and address for the sign up and they can start receiving tips.

The application transfers the received tip within 24 hours.

Giving someone a tip is also very convenient through this application as it just requires one tap on the ‘TIP’ option and by adding a few details, the tip gets transferred. The Tips not issued within seven days are automatically refunded in to the user’s account. The platform can be joined both through the mobile application as well as the website.

Gratspot is completely free cost; however PayPal fees may be applicable on giving and receiving of the tip. The platform also provides exciting offers to the employers such by joining their 10 or more staffs they can receive gift cards and GratSpots.

The mobile application, currently available on Google Playstore for download has also received great reviews from the users. One of users says, “Now I can tip when I have no cash,” other said, “Give tip by just one tap.”

The developer of this mobile application has worked in the service industry for more than 20 years and observed the shortcomings in the giving and receiving of tips. Also, since the world is turning towards cashless modes of spending, people have started to carry lesser cash with them and often not able to tip properly due to that.

In such situation, mobile application like Gratspot becomes a great option for the people to tip anyone, anywhere they want. The free of cost application surely makes a great way to connect buyers and sellers in a better way to build stronger relationships among them.


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