Solves Social Network Profile Madness – Enables Users To Showcase All Profiles At One Place

Today, the makers of have unveiled their solution to help social media users showcase all their profiles under one roof. Social network users often run into issues where their original username was already taken on other sites. This often results in confusion when they join additional networks, because when someone’s username is Robert, changes are high that their name is already taken on other social network sites. 

Since its next to impossible to use the same usernames on various sites, users often come up with alias names such as robert_100 or robert_tm, which makes handing out links easily becomes a pain. This is where comes in handy. The site is basically a profile page which lists a user’s profile links and names on one page.

A service like this can be very useful, as people don’t have to tell their friends or colleagues “I’m on twitter using the username robert, on facebook using the username robert_100 and on pinterest using robby_here. Starting now, they can simply supply their link and friends or colleagues can easily find all their social profiles at one place.

“We have created this service because more and more people start using social networks and the namespace becomes very saturated and confusing. By signing up for our service, individuals, companies or even governments can now easily hand out one link where individuals can find all social media details at one place,”’s head of development commented. was launched on October 15th 2015. The site developers have announced that additional site languages will be made available soon to serve international users. is the most simple way to share all social media accounts with just one link.

There are currently four account types:

• Personal

• Business

• Government

• Apps

Individuals interested in learning more about this service are invited to visit by accessing the related link below. The service is free of charge. 

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