Quality Acupressure Mat Ideal for Fighting Pain and Relieving Stress

In Eastern cultures, like China and India, the acupressure mat is a long held traditional way to address a long list of physical conditions. White Lotus Anti Aging recently announced the launch of their premium quality acupressure mat, the Euro Mat, which is receiving quick praise from customers.

Many people would agree, the modern solution to various health problems – like back and neck pain, stress and insomnia to name a few – are not ideal over the long term at all. Drugs and unneeded surgeries can take a toll on a person and sometimes even leave them worse than they were to begin with. White Lotus Anti Aging, a leading company in the holistic health space, recently announced the launch of the Euro Mat Premium Quality Acupressure Mat, a wonderful health and fitness tool, that can literally change lives for the better. Offering a long list of natural health benefits, the new product is off to a very quick start.

“Our Euro Mat is an amazing product,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “It can literally transform a person’s life for the better, quickly and effectively. The Euro Mat was developed and designed by professional acupuncturists, to be a revolutionary tool in helping cultivate health, energy and fight pain. The Euro Mat is the only acupuncture mat that has beeen created and designed by acupuncturists to work ”

In addition to their work selling the Euro Mat and other very positive product. White Lotus Anti Aging are the best selling authors of the book ‘Holistic Microneedling‘.

The Euro Mat Acupuncture Mat, features a unique memory foam that contours to the body and over 6534 spikes across the wider 60 by 40cm surface area to apply powerful health rejuvenating acupressure. Users credit this with helping pain, raise energy levels, relieving insomnia and making stress disappear.

The Euro Bed of nails Mat is available at a very attractive price point both in Europe, Australia, USA, Canada and worldwide. It is also the only mat hand made in Europe.

Feedback from users has been very positive.

Merlita G., recently said in a five star review, “This mat is very scary looking at first. I feel very intimidated in using it because of the pointy spikes. Well, I tried using it even though it is quite scary and lay flat for 20 mins. I am surprise it does not hurt at all and it feels pretty relaxing laying on it. This is my very first time using a product like this so I don’t have any thing to compare it with. But this mat is great and a very excellent product to have.”

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White Lotus Anti Aging is a world leader in natural eastern anti aging. The products developed from our internationally famous clinic. We have an internationally best selling book ‘Holistic Microneedling’ white lotus have expanded worldwide and offer great user friendly solutions for many products that can be treated in the comfort of their home. We are also expert advisors to the largest beauty association in the UK ‘BABTAC’ and offer therapist training courses in holistic microneedling worldwide.

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