Choose Sedation Dentistry to Ease Anxiety at Brentwood Dental Group in Brentwood, MO

A leading dentist in Brentwood, MO, practices gentle dentistry for anxious patients. At Brentwood Dental Group, the dentists offer sedation dentistry to relax patients and make them comfortable.

Receive gentle and compassionate care, plus sedation dentistry in Brentwood, MO. Brentwood Dental Group treats patients with a great deal of compassion by providing three different types of sedation for patients who have a fear of going to the dentist. This is actually quite common and these dental professionals know how to ease their patients through treatment. The three types of sedation dentistry include:

Inhaled Sedation – This is nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas. The dentist from Brentwood Dental Group administers nitrous oxide through a mask, so patients receive exactly the amount of sedation required for their treatment.

Oral Sedation – Patients take a pill that makes them drowsy. They can receive minimal or moderate levels of sedation, depending on the need.

IV Sedation – Brentwood Dental Group professionals administer the sedation intravenously and it goes into effect almost immediately. The dentist is able to easily adjust the amount of sedation that patients need.

These various forms of sedation reduce the fear of going to the dentists so patients can receive the treatment they need. The professionals at Brentwood Dental Group offer solutions, as well as treatment for patients.

In addition to sedation dentistry, Brentwood Dental Group provides comprehensive dental care that ranges from teeth cleaning to whitening to implants. This practice serves individuals, as well as families with pediatric, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

Children receive checkups and cleanings, as well as education to keep their teeth healthy their whole lives long. Adults benefit from the latest technology and receive services that help them maintain beautiful smiles, including root canals, crowns and bridges, and dentures.

For more information, call (314) 635-7697 or visit the website at They proudly serve patients from Brentwood, MO, and the surrounding areas.

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