Iowa Author Sweetie Bee Releases “Heaven is for Real Is Todd Burpo?” Book to Piqued Interest

“Heaven is for Real Is Todd Burpo?” by Des Moines, Iowa author Sweetie Bee is a new release that addresses the claims made in the popular book “Heaven is for Real”.

Is “Heaven for Real” for real?  That’s the intriguing question author Sweetie Bee explores in her new booklet “Heaven is for Real Is Todd Burpo?” which takes a calm and balanced look at the inconsistencies present in the popular religious book.

“I actually had a real life Near Death Experience (NDE) myself and I believe through my writing I can show you where the confusion with reality came in during the retelling of this little boy’s story,” commented Bee.  “It may come as a surprise, but I actually believe Colton had an NDE. I explain my theory in detail in my book,”  she continued,  “In the words of one of my college professors, ‘Reliability is consistency, again, reliability = consistency and validity = accuracy.’ I really think my book makes that point well.”

“Heaven is for Real Is Todd Burpo?” is a fresh approach to the topic of “Heaven is for Real” free from speculation, with a focus on factual evidence.  This is a departure from other books wrote on either side of the subject, which almost universally have plunged into mean-spiritedness and personal attacks. 

An example from Bee’s booklet is her analysis of a television transcript of an interview with the Burpos family that conflicts with accounts wrote in their book, clearly showing deception on the part of the Burpos and glaring inconsistencies in their story.  This just a small part of the eye opening revelations provided by Bee in “Heaven is for Real Is Todd Burpo?”

Here’s a look, in an excerpt from the television interview with the Burpos cited by Bee:

Todd Burpo: “You wanna tell her where you met Pop.”

Colton Burpo: “Well I was just in the throne room of God, praying for my dad in his time of need, then a man walks up to me and says are you Todd’s son? I said, yes, he says that he was his grandpa, named Pop, so he was one of the main people who I was with in Heaven.”

Marilyn Hickey (interviewer): “And he said, I’m Pop, and so.”

Todd Burpo: “Yeah he introduces himself to Colton.”

Marilyn Hickey (interviewer): “As Pop, to Colton, now when Colton told you, what was your reaction to this?”

Todd Burpo: “Well, we were driving together in our pickup and again, Colton would initiate most of these conversations, and I don’t know what spurred his memory that time, but where just driving and I’m going out to look at a garage door job and he says, dad,  you used to have a grandpa named Pop didn’t you?’

Todd Burpo:  “I’m like yeah. Now Pop was killed in a car wreck before I turned 7 so, you know it didn’t throw me off too much, I’m thinking okay did he hear someone, someone talk about Pop. And he (Colton) says, dad, he’s really nice. And then all the sudden you’re like (Todd makes a facial expression like he is taken back or wow)

Todd Burpo: “Then he starts explaining, well you used to play with him and you went out to the farm with him and stuff like that, and I’m like how do you know that? Well, he told me. And that’s where we started hearing about Pop.”

Bee then compares this to page 86 from the trade paperback of “Heaven is for Real” where the Burpos give a significantly different version of this story, including different family members being present and playing different roles.  The only logical conclusion is that deception is involved.

The booklet approaches this controversial subject from several angles, but always remains calm relying on facts and the own words of the Burpos to prove the point that their book is more fiction than not and should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

Early reactions to “Heaven is for Real Is Todd Burpo?” have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Emily P., a pro-blogger from Boston said, after seeing an advance copy, “This is a very important book and I’d recommend it to anyone who would like to see “Heaven is for Real” analyzed rationally and fairly.”

The book is now available on in both print and Kindle editions.

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