SeavisTours’ Social and Environmental Initiatives in the Dominican Republic

SeavisTours once again live up to their reputation by helping the local communities. Welcomed by the village of Padre Nuestro, Dominican Republic on Sunday October 18 the team went to hand out the supplies collected from generous donors. It is a heartwarming experience to be able to make a difference in someone’s life – even if it is just for a moment.

SeavisTours, an independent eco tour operator in the Dominican Republic, is renowned for the unique excursions they offer. fulfilling their social and environmental responsability. Their direct involvement in the conservation of the Dominican environment and in the daily life of local people is admirable.

Alexander and Marion Tilanus, owners of SeavisTours, moved from South Africa to the Dominican Republic in 2008. From the very beginning of their Dominican adventure, it was clear that they would have a very important role in the communities of Bayahibe, Mano Juan – village of Saona island – and of the small, nearby village of El Gato.

In the first 4 years Sander and Marion decided buy two properties, to build two gorgeous sanctuaries on the banks of the Chavon river. The two properties are called Tanama Jungle Ranch and Yuca Yena Jungle Farm. They are both part of the itineraries of various SeavisTours excursions.

The properties display gorgeous examples of local plants and animals of the Dominican Republic. Almost all of the residents of El Gato village are employed as caretakers, gardeners, cooks as well as the knowledgeable local vet.

In order to fulfill their social responsibilities, Sander and Marion organize a recurring giveaway of all the goods that SeavisTours’ clients bring to the office to donate to the communities. These goods include clothes, school supplies, toys and much more.

On Sunday, October 18, the SeavisTours team including: Marion and Sander Tilanus, their son Ramon Tilanus, Ingrid Fortuin (SeavisTours office manager) and Robert van Brussel (SeavisTours guide) went to Padre Nuestro – a small village outside Bayahibe, to distribute the goods. “It was amazing and overwhelming to see all the happy faces! Every little bit helps.” – Ramon Tilanus

SeavisTours is also the only sponsor of the Sea Turtle Conservation project on Saona island. They provide the supplies needed to carry on this very important activity – to defend and protect these gorgeous creatures.

Anyone can visit the Sea Turtle Conservation project during SeavisTours’ Saona Crusoe VIP excursion.

In September 2015 the company sponsored the International Coastal Cleanup Day in Bayahibe, allowing 11 divers to go diving off the coast of Catalina island and clean up the reef. The day was a great success thanks to SeavisTours and ScubaFun for facilitating the activity.

Sander and Marion together with their SeavisTours team have been cornerstones of the community for years because of their commitment to the El Gato, Bayahibe and Saona island communities. Their main goal is to continue promoting sustainable tourism while showing visitors the best the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Travellers can visit and support each of these projects on the excursions offered for guests of the hotels in the Punta Cana and Bayahibe areas.


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