Rangetechnic Introduces Thermal Silicone Gun Cleaning Mat

Rangetechnic’s New Silicone Gun Cleaning Mat is Safe for Hot Barrels, is Non-Slip and Water-Repelling

LOS ANGELES – Rangetechnic, maker of products for shooting enthusiasts, announced today that it is introducing the Rangetechnic Thermal Silicone Gun Cleaning Mat on Amazon.com.  The Thermal Silicone Gun Cleaning Mat is designed for safe cleaning of guns. It is suited to handguns with hot barrels, with the ability to withstand high temperatures. Its non-slip, water-repelling surface and size make it suitable as a bench mat for such pistols as the Sig 1911 or Glock M&P.

“Guns can be an oily mess after shooting and cleaning,” said Kevin Chon of Rangetechnic. “With this Silicone mat, you can clean your guns thoroughly and safely and take them home from the range without worrying about getting oil and other dirt, like you get from reloaded rounds, on your clothes and in your car.”

The Rangetechnic Thermal Silicone Gun Cleaning Mat has thermal resistance of up to 482° Fahrenheit and thermal stability from -148° to 482° Fahrenheit.  It is 11×17” in size.  Made of UV light-resistant, non-toxic Silicone, the Mat features low chemical reactivity that avoids harming a gun’s finish.   It can be rinsed clean with water, rolled up and put away for storage.

Pre-launch early users have praised the Rangetechnic Thermal Silicone Gun Cleaning Mat in reviews on Amazon.  Comments include remarks such as, “Soft but sturdy. Doesn’t crack or cause creases when you fold or roll up,” “Easy to clean, non-slip mat for my Glock 19!” and “The perfect size for handguns.” The Mat is sold by Cooperative Labs and fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap and free shipping are available. 

For more information, visit http://www.amazon.com/Rangetechnic-Silicone-Cleaning-Repelling-Reactivity/dp/B015GBR9K6

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