Light Portal Debuts Star Athlete Performance Meditation Solution

Light Portal Technologies Blends Light and Sound to Augment Athletic Performance through Proprietary Meditation Chamber

TAMPA, Fla. – Light Portal Technologies, LLC, maker of equipment for meditation and spiritual growth, announced today that it is introducing an Athletic Performance Solution which enables users to augment their athletic focus and achievements through the proprietary Light Portal meditation chamber.  The Light Portal is a wooden chamber equipped with proprietary light and sound technology. It lets the user enjoy immersive, transformative personal meditation experiences.  Light Portal developed the Athletic Performance Solution working with world-class professional athletes and coaches.

“The best athletes describe their winning game as series of unique moments of concentration and mindset,” said Douglas Cornell, President and inventor of Light Portal. “Through collaboration with some of the highest performing sports figures of our day, we have been able to craft a special meditation process in the Light Portal that helps athletes get even better at what they do.  They work on their bodies. We help with the mindset. The results can be astounding.”

Light Portal works with athletes and coaches who are affiliated with well-known sports organizations at the highest levels of professional league sports in the USA.  Bruce Arians, Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals, commented on the use of the Light Portal, saying, “Light Portal leads to relaxation, increased focus and self confidence. I would recommend Light Portal to anyone seeking high productivity and peak performance.”  Light Portal Technologies is in discussions with several prominent sports franchises to install Light Portal units at their training centers. 

The Light Portal can potentially transform an individual’s professional performance capabilities by immersing him or her in a focused physical space, in isolation with sound, light and music tuned to the brain and body’s inner rhythms. The process allows the user to access previously unknown reservoirs of energy, stamina, talent and sensory awareness.  Clients approach the Light Portal in different ways, but the recommended process is for the user to experience a sequence of sessions in the Portal, each of which lasts approximately one hour.  With four immersion sessions over a three day period, the user begins to see striking, long term change in his or her spiritual well being or professional performance capabilities.

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