Wrong Fuel Angel Launches Services to Rescue Motorists with Wrong Fuel

LONDON, UK – Wrong Fuel Angel announced today that they have launched a service to help motorists who accidentally put the wrong kind of fuel into their vehicles.  This problem, which is more common than people might think, has the potential to ruin a vehicle’s engine.  Plus, it typically strands the motorist until help can arrive.  Wrong Fuel “Angels”, who are highly-trained fuel engineers, arrive quickly in specially-equipped fuel drainage vehicles and enable the motorist to drive off for a reasonable fee.

“Our team drains wrongly-filled diesel or petrol from your tank. We do what it takes to get your vehicle working again,” said Deep Aulakh of Wrong Fuel Angel. “It doesn’t matter if you made the mistake at a petrol station or if you’ve gone off in your car with the wrong fuel in the tank.”

According to the company’s website, http://wrongfuel-angel.co.uk, wrong fuel incidents affect more than 150,000 drivers every year in the UK, often at great cost.  Drivers affected by a wrong fuel situation can call for one of the wrong fuel angels to come from the road. Wrong Fuel Angel is able to respond to wrong fuel calls in the London area within forty minutes.  Rapid response times are also available in other cities, such as Essex, Manchester Liverpool and Kent. It takes twenty minutes to drain the wrong fuel from the vehicle, so the entire rescue process takes about an hour. Wrong Fuel Angels disposes of contaminated materials at designated depots in compliance with standard from the Environmental Agency.

Customer response has been enthusiastic.  One rescued driver commented, “I can’t imagine myself putting petrol into a diesel car, just a call saved my time and money. Within a short time, I was back to the road. This really saved me from loosing my business. Thanks to Wrong Fuel Angel.”  Another customer said, “I was really amazed, one of your Angels just drained my car after I mistakenly put petrol in my diesel car. The service render was excellent. It was real helpful and save my time. Well done.”

Wrong Fuel Angel charges £99 pounds for its wrong fuel rescue service.

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