Roar Marketing Consultants Launches Their CNN Style Interview Platform For Local BusinessesExpert Expose Interview

HOUSTON, TX – 26 Oct, 2015 – Roar Marketing Consultants, LLC is excited to announce the launch of their brand new and long time anticipated Expert Expose Interview, a CNN style interview platform that will feature local professionals and business owners to showcase their expertise during a video interview segment to educate consumers and gain massive exposure in the process. The official launch date forExpert Expose Interview  is Tuesday October 27th 2015.

Roar Marketing Consultants believes that Expert Expose Interview will help give local professionals and business owners who can’t get on national mainstream media, an unique opportunity to not only educate the local consumers about their products and services and be perceived as trusted advisers, but most importantly, leverage the platform and the video interview to build authority, position themeselves as the market leader and ultimately, dominate their competition.

As a local attorney, dentist,chiropractor or any other local professional or busines owner, positioning yourself as an authority is a must if you want to cut throught the noise of advertising and make your message heard by your prospects. If you don’t want your services or products to be perceived as commodities, then the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to your market place is create authority,” Olivier Glaudy, at Roar Marketing Consultants, says. “Our Expert Expose Interview platform will help local professionals an business owners to just do that. Quickly build focused authority and trustworthiness by delivering real value through a video interview that get syndicated everywhere online where their prospects are.”

To watch segments of some past episodes filmed and produced during the beta launch, go to

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Roar Marketing Consultants is an ad agency that is completely unique in the world of marketing. In short, we implement a special marketing formula that virtually guarantees that our clients become the number one business in their industry. In fact, we can only  work with one company in any industry. Now, even though our program is successful with every industry, we specialize in helping businesses that advertise in the Yellow Pages.

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