The film 6000 years old health Secrets will soon unveil some of the hidden secrets of life

The documentary film 6000 years old health secrets is an enlightening and thought provoking documentary  which will be made in multiple subtitle languages to raise the awareness level of mind, provide hidden knowledge and ultimately lead people to the path of awakening.

The documentary is made for anyone seeking more wisdom in their life despite their age, caste, culture and religion. The man named Morgan Freeman has started this project and with his team he has everything lined up from a strong storyline, crew to locations and equipments needed but since the budget is a little low for this big project, they have started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of $25000 and also received a great response from the people in 4 days of the start of the campaign.

The documentary promises to raise questions in viewer’s mind and enlighten them on the subjects of health, spirituality and the hidden holy sciences. The story of the film will be relatable to many people especially those who’re trying to find strength in tough place.

It teaches about fighting against all the odds and brings positive message to all the people. The expert and experienced team involved in the making of this documentary assures that the film will be a great source of wisdom and come out to be a great one. The company is dedicated to creating films for the humanity, which affect the masses positively and bring a change in the world for better and that is why this movie is being made in with an option of many language subtitles.

Films are surely the best source of communication to the masses and a great way to deliver a message which may affect a larger audience at once, considering the same this project has been created with a mission to benefit the society.

The fund raising campaign on Indiegogo will help making this dream project become a reality and assist the team in handling the cost of filming, and production costs. The amount will also be used for the promotion and marketing of the film through internet and film festivals as well as using the international distribution to further work and edit the first version of “6000-Year-Old-Health-Secrets” and create additional films that will compliment “6000-Year-Old-Health-Secrets”.

A variety of perks and rewards are also offered to the backers such as a DVD of the documentary film along with other goodies at an early bird price of $40 or more. Also a game changing E-Book that will go down in history, will be offered, entitled “We The Skythians”.

The company is not profit driven since most of the documentaries created by it are free for viewing and only works with the vision to create amazing films which influence the society and shift their perception towards better.

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Company Name: Secret Key Activator Productions
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