Finally, a Book with a Contrasting Solution to Fighting Financial hardship is set for Release

In this era of impact investing, economic intervention and donor driven models; is the ordinary person’s life being changed? Are hardworking people whose lives have been haunted by long work hours, average earnings, and little to no time for things that matter most to them, seeing results improve in their lives?

On January 11, 2016, S. Gabriel Shumba, venture investor and international entrepreneur will release his first book, The Waterhole Millionaire – Principles from a village warrior that will turnaround your financial life. He thinks financial models are great, but the change they advocate is slow in impacting the lives of hardworking people. In a short and easy to understand allegory, his proposition is that in order to rapidly increase the pace of impact on the ground, the focus should be on equipping people to change their own lives and not on changing lives for them, fulfilling the teach a man to fish principle. No matter how bad things are in a person’s life, when introduced to inspiring principles and a path out of hardship, they categorically can change their own life in a short space of time. To elaborate the fact, the author created a set of results generation tools targeted at enabling people with little wealth, low pay, and no time; to help them produce life-altering results.

Written for a global audience, The Waterhole Millionaire book is a tool for financial transformation and not a book of steps on getting rich quickly. In it the author pays attention to two primary agents of financial independence; the thinking behind mediocrity, and the methods behind prosperity. According to UNDP, 836 million people globally are living on less than $1.25 per day, with 80% of them resident in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, which confirms that the methods employed in responding to personal financial hardship have not worked for ordinary folk on the street.

Ultimately, the goal is for people to be happy and content, if they can see their efforts turning in to successful results, it could bring them new confidence, and motivation. It will also help them rely less on external forces such as government, employers or donors as an answer to pressing problems. The author feels that now is the time to adopt a fresh strategy for improving lives of millions who are breaking their backs working jobs and businesses that cannot sustain their livelihood.

The Waterhole Millionaire narrates real life events that reveal ten core principle lessons, which can be followed by any person, regardless of their circumstances, to produce extraordinary results for themselves and for people around them. The author’s primary goal is to reach people in a way they can relate to. Instead of writing the book as a collection of steps to achieve financial freedom, and success, S. Gabriel Shumba uses a captivating story as the base, and a series of metaphors to show how an ordinary villager profoundly changes his life and his village for better. Using lessons embedded in The Waterhole Millionaire, anybody can transform their own life.

Unlike many story books, The Waterhole Millionaire is a result of the author’s deep research on the subject of financial independence as a tool for impact while talking to hedge fund investors, behavioral scientists, corporate and community leaders – studying different models on community impact, personal wealth, and motivation theories. The Waterhole Millionaire makes a great read for all ages, including those working 9 to 5 jobs, students in school or university and anyone who is looking for a better and successful life.

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