Extruded aluminium profiles creating a more competitive windows doors for office building

“Swift Manufacturing Ltd extruded aluminum profiles have powder coated or anodized finish and sealed continuous joints which maintain their shape and strength for many years. To enhance thermal efficiency, the aluminum doors and windows have thermally sepa”
Narrow slight lines, slim profile, low maintenance and durability are some of the additional benefits offered by aluminum windows and doors. Various configurations are available such as sliding doors and windows, casement windows, casement doors, luxury doors, folding doors, cabinet doors and high partition doors.

New! Improved! Bigger! Better! In today’s global economy, it is important to have something that makes your company stand out. Whether you are going for new, improved, bigger, or better, Swift Manufacturing Ltd. has the answer to all your building needs. Offering energy efficiency, a healthy office atmosphere, easy maintenance, beauty, security, and customization, our windows and doors help create a building far beyond your imagination.

Energy efficiency is always a top priority whenever you are building or renovating, which is why you will love the aluminum extrusions of windows and doors. The two strong and secure aluminum frames virtually eliminate gaps and cracks, preventing the waste caused by escaping heated or cooled air. Pockets of trapped air in the aluminum extrusions on windows and doors create an excellent insulation. No more getting cold when you are sitting next to a closed window in the winter. Instead of wishing you were on the other side of the room, you can actually sit next to the window and enjoy the view while sitting in your meetings.

The natural light coming through your new windows and doors reduces the need for artificial lighting, reducing lighting costs. Natural light also promotes better physical and mental health, creating a healthier and more productive office atmosphere. Because we use aluminum profiles on its windows and doors, which allows more light through than wood or PVC profiles, you will experience a brighter and more inviting workspace for you and your employees.

When choosing your new windows and doors, you want to think long term. Will it be difficult to care for or use your new investment? Swift designs every window and door with ease of use and maintenance in mind. The aluminum profiles on sliding doors and windows allow them to glide easily even under the light touch of a child. Versatile aluminum framed casement windows are hinged so that they swing outward when opened. This affords effortless access to both the inside and outside of the window for stress-free cleaning. A sparkling clean window could not be any easier.

Casement windows can be combined with a single fixed picture window to form a bay window. Doing this opens the area, adding more room and light to your office. You are then able to enjoy the added elegance of the bay window and the ventilation created when the casement windows are opened. Adding sliding doors to your office also creates a striking beauty and provides the benefits of increased natural light.

But what is beauty without security? The aluminum extrusions used by swift manufacturing ltd are more secure than other types of windows or doors. The aluminum frame is attached with a strong hook that is not easily broken. Multi-point locking systems also increase security. The strength of the frame accommodates a heavy double-glazed glass unit that provides both insulation and security.

After considering all the practical aspects of aluminum framed windows and sliding doors, the fun comes when you finally get to decide on your customization. We can create the perfect fit for any size door or window space. Modern colors, unique designs, and stylish finishes allow Swift to create a new, improved, bigger, or better customized look to help your business stand out from the competition.

All products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can confidently purchase your new windows and doors, knowing you will enjoy their beauty and practicality for years to come.

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