Re-Launch Of Amazon Affiliate Site, BJE Health and Fitness

26th October, 2015 – Barbara Jean Ecklund, CEO, founder and owner of BJE Health And Fitness recently announced the re-launch of her Amazon affiliate shopping website, which has been completely remodeled and revamped so as to make online shopping a much more easy and enjoyable experience. The remodeled website which can be accessed here offers a wide variety of products pertaining to health and fitness, and includes (but is not limited to) categories such as boating and sailing, clothing, accessories, leisure sports, outdoor sports, swimming and even paintball equipment!

The BJE Health and Fitness Amazon Affiliate store is run by an elderly couple in their late seventies, who are committed to promoting a “strong, healthy and happy” lifestyle and to that end stocks an eclectic but well-chosen variety of products to promote better health and fitness in the world.

Given that online shopping can be a cumbersome and daunting affair for a whole lot of people, BJE Health and Fitness promises to make the browsing and shopping process much simpler. The website is regularly updated with product links to the Amazon store, and is definitely a first stop for any American citizen shopping for products pertaining to the health and fitness world. Moreover, all their products and equipment are neatly sorted into assorted categories, which no doubt makes it easier for the customer to find the products they want, and choose the right one as per their needs. Thus, the website can also effectively be used by customers to browse and choose the right products to gift their near and dear ones. So whether one is looking for a golf accessory, a particular yoga mat in a particular color, a sports flask, a tennis racquet or even boating gear, BJE Health and Fitness has it all, and even more.

Another noteworthy feature of the site is the “News” section which features links to several inspirational and motivational health and fitness articles.

Although the company, BJE Health and Fitness has its headquarters in Arizona, the products are available nationwide. However, the website is particularly useful for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and other sports professionals thus continuing the site’s philosophy of promoting better health.

For more information or any queries regarding BJE Health and Fitness, please feel free to contact CEO Barbara Jean Ecklund at 952-797-2657. You may also email her at

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