Does PR Newswire Work? Independent Study Reveals Answer

LOS ANGELES, CA – 26 Oct, 2015 – PR Newswire is the most widely used press release distribution service used by marketing and advertising agencies, public relations agencies, publicists and business owners. PR Newswire has been considered the “golden standard” amongst the industry. However, the press release distribution landscape has changed drastically in the recent years with digital news wires, Google’s constant algorithm changes and new players in the industry producing far greater results at fractions of the cost.

One of the new players in the press release distribution industry is Press Release Jet. They were founded in 2014 in Santa Monica, California and are considered by as “the best press release distribution service out there with industry breaking, affordable pricing” at a flat-rate of $19 for press release distribution. Press Release Jet also has a Premium plan at $49, which includes guaranteed syndication to networks including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and the CW. According to independent marketers that we’ve spoke with, they were able to see more pick up results from Press Release Jet’s $49 package than with PR Newswire’s single news release at $775.

An analysis of the distribution pick up from both Press Release Jet and PR Newswire were conducted, and the results were astonishing. There was roughly a 82% overlap in the media websites that news releases from both press release distribution services were seen on. When we reviewed the distribution reports, we found an average of 275 media sites that PR Newswire syndicated to while Press Release Jet served up an impressing average of 400 media sites.

Lastly, we analyzed the Google Analytics traffic reports from our sample study and we found higher volumes of referral traffic from Press Release Jet than PR Newswire by 15%.

In conclusion, does PR Newswire work? It depends on how you look at it. Both press release distribution services generate visibility and traffic except PR Newswire charges 1500% more than Press Release Jet and produces less results.

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