Beat Your Hair Follicle Drug Test Reports Increase in Traffic as Hair Testing For Drugs Increases has experienced a spike in traffic as feedback suggests hair drug testing is becoming more common in the workplace.

Drug testing has become an increasingly common process in the work place, especially in situations where individuals have serious responsibilities to the public. Far from solely being routine once employed, it is even being used during the interview process to screen for people’s lifestyles, which many object to. While urine tests are short lived, follicle hair tests detect drug use up to three months prior to the test date, making them much harder to pass. Beat Your Hair Follicle Drug Test is reporting an increase in the prevalence of these tests as employers become increasingly hostile toward drug use.

The tests are more expensive to implement, but more accurate, and cover a longer period of time, making it clear that the testing is more about lifestyle choices than about how people enter the workplace. Many people are looking for ways to pass these tests effectively, and the website has been an online resource center helping people find solutions and alternatives, as well as helping them know their rights.

The methods range from the simple to extreme, with detoxifying shampoos designed to break up the tell tale molecules, to simply shaving the whole body and letting hair grow out anew. The site also offers people the opportunity to take at-home drug tests to check they are clear before applying to interviews.

A spokesperson for explained, “We understand that many people worry about trivial decisions made during leisure time being used to devastate careers and potentially life-long earning potential. While we feel this is unjust in the extreme, we understand there is insufficient pressure to change the policy and hair drug tests are actually increasing, which makes it more important than ever for us to give actionable, reliable information to people so they can effectively control their own experience of the tests.”

About Beat Your Hair Follicle Drug Test:

Beat Your Hair Follicle Drug Test is dedicated to teaching people about the hair drug test. They review various products, including at-home testing kits that allow users to tell if they can pass naturally, as well as strategies and methodologies for cleansing the hair of the things the test is looking for, or using alternate hair samples.

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